"Better that ten guilty persons escape than one innocent suffer"

Sir William Blackstone, 1765

At Fae Law we provide representation against all criminal charges. We have experience dealing with murder, violent assault cases, sexual offence cases including gang sexual assault, drug possession and trafficking charges, and, complex fraud charges. 

The first step in defending any charge is to contact us. We will provide you with the initial guidance to navigate the criminal court system and the representation to advocate on your behalf.

There may be options to resolve your matter without the need to proceed to trial, and our lawyers have the experience necessary to obtain the best result for you that addresses your specific situation. We understand that each client is unique. 

Although you are not facing a criminal record, provincial offences are still serious. They range from parking and speeding tickets to serious highway traffic offences. Specialized legislation also falls within the provincial offences court. Such things as the occupational health and safety act or the environmental protection act. Our lawyers are more than equipped to assist you in defending these charges.

Fae Law also provides representation against DOLA (Dog Owner Liability Act) charges. These charges can result in the destruction of your beloved pet. Fae Law understands the complex legal issues surrounding breed specific legislation and is prepared to argue your case.

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