All Criminal Charges Defended

At Fae Law we represent any type of criminal charge. Don't be embarrassed or nervous about discussing your case with us.

  • Violent Crime;

    • Murder, first and second degree

    • Aggravated Assault, assault with weapon

  • Sexual Offences;

    • Sexual assault​

    • Sexual interference

    • Production and distribution of child pornography

  • Drug Offences

    • Trafficking and possession​

  • White Collar and Fraud

    • Complex employer/employee fraud

"Better that ten guilty persons escape than one innocent suffer"

Sir William Blackstone, 1765

Fae Law Provides services throughout Southern Ontario. Below are a few of the locations that we have provided representation:

  • Guelph

  • Kitchener

  • Orangeville

  • Milton

  • Brampton

  • Hamilton

  • Listowel

  • Owen Sound

  • Newmarket

  • Stratford


At Fae Law, we understand that not everyone has the resources to pay for a lawyer. We accept legal aid certificates for all criminal matters including appeals.

If you are unsure whether you qualify for legal aid applications can be made over the phone 1-800-668-8258 or at your local legal aid office.

When contacting us, please indicate whether you have applied to legal aid, and if you have a certificate we will need your client and certificate number to process the certificate.

Charged and Bail

You or a loved one has just been arrested and charged, now what? Call us as soon as possible. You have the right to consult with counsel before giving any statement to the police. We at Fae Law, will be able to advise you what is in your best interest. After the police charge an individual, they will either release from the station under conditions or hold for a bail hearing.

Obtaining bail depends on your personal circumstances and the charges you are facing. It is crucial that you put together a strong bail plan to present to the court. Contact us now to begin preparing your bail plan.

Disclosure and Advice

After you have been charged and bail has been determined the real case begins. The Crown has an obligation to provide all the evidence that is relevant to your charges to you. This is normally provided at your first court appearance. It is important to discuss your case with us so that we can determine whether any further investigation needs to take place.

Having a lawyer represent you means you do not need to attend numerous court appearances. We will obtain all disclosure and analyze the case against you. Once this is done, we will advise you as to what risks you face and what your options are whether early resolution or trial. As always, it is your decision how to proceed with the defence of the charges.

Resolution or Trial

At Fae Law we always consider your interests in dealing with the charges you face. We understand that there are times when an early resolution is in your best interests.

We also prepare to take your matter to trial from the initial client meeting. Should you wish to take your case to trial, we will advance every defence and raise every challenge against the evidence to ensure that your rights are protected.

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