"Better that ten guilty persons escape than one innocent suffer"

Sir William Blackstone, 1765

Bail Review at the Ontario Superior Court

Often lawyers and the Court will reference that you only get one shot at bail. Although this is technically true, there is another way to get a second shot. 

A Bail Review at the Superior Court of Justice, allows you to appeal the decision made by a justice of the peace. The rules governing the standard to appeal a ruling are complicated and can take some time to navigate. It is important that if you believe something went wrong at your bail hearing, or if the circumstances of your life or case have changed significantly that you contact us immediately. We may be able to appeal the decision and have you released on bail

Provincial Offences Court Appeal

Perhaps you attempted to represent yourself in provincial offences, or the case just didn't go your way, contact our lawyers to discuss whether there are grounds to appeal the decision. Appealing a justice of the peace's order requires an application to a judge in the criminal court. 

Our lawyers are experienced in arguing appeals to judges. A criminal judge can modify the outcome completely or vary a sentence that was imposed. 

Ontario Court of Appeal

If you have been convicted and sentenced and you do not agree with how the case was argued, or the decision that the judge made contact us immediately. 

There may be grounds to appeal to the Court of Appeal. Our lawyers can order the transcripts of your proceeding and provide you with a legal opinion as to what grounds exist for an appeal. 

If there are grounds, we can prepare, file, and argue the appeal before the Court of Appeal in Toronto. There are strict deadlines that must be met in order to file an appeal, so do not delay in contact us.

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